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I live for experiences... exploring new cities, culture, food, drinks, views. It just happens that bites & booze are consumed daily (okay ideally not daily on the booze in honor of health) and can always be made into an experience - whether prepared at home or out to eat at the coolest restaurant.

Moving out to Seattle right after undergrad (literally the morning after graduation), I experienced a whole new world of food. Oysters for the first time, excellent thai, the best salmon, imaginative modern food, the list goes on. I had always taken photos and posted on Yelp but only in Summer of 2021 (pre-move back to Ohio) did I decide to formally launch a food page. I wanted to show all my friends that Columbus had some good food too... so Cbusbitesandbooze was born! We've since updated to @jennysbitesnbooze on Instagram with content mostly focused on Columbus, and highlighting travels as well. Cheers!

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