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Imposter Syndrome & Community

I've been thinking about this concept a lot - ever since someone at work told me they feel like they have imposter syndrome being on the team. I got to thinking in the last few weeks where I experience this. And it's probably most prevalent with the food page and launching this blog.

But when I got to thinking about it... you're either doing it or you're not doing it. There is not really an in-between. The "syndrome" or "symptom" part of it comes from caring what others think of what you're doing (which is captured quite nicely by Reese Witherspoon's TikTok). It's our own self consciousness and fears that limit us most.

I've been living back in Columbus for just under 10 months now and am relatively new to more "formal" content creation. There is a lot of pressure to create something beautiful or helpful or unique or all of the above. There are plenty of accounts out there doing a very similar "service" so I feel the pressure to try to stand out. But as soon as I reset my mind that that this is my passion project and intended to be FUN, the insecurities go away. You either follow or don't follow. You either explore the Columbus restaurant scene or you don't. You either post about it or you don't. There shouldn't be so many implications to it all.

But all of that is easier said than thought or done most of the time and I'm still learning through it all.

I'd say Zach and I are still in the process of building community in Columbus. The experience so far has been dramatically different vs our 4 year undergrad experience. It's a lot harder to make friends as adults, and takes deliberate effort. There aren't "built-in" friends through classes or work in our situation. I know it's a work in process and will take time. But I'm happy to say this weekend I felt "at home" in two ways. I was able to be a part of a Seventh Son commercial video shoot where I got to meet a lot of people who work in the Columbus service industry. So grateful for Seventh Son for including me on this project... the kindest and coolest people. The commercial will come out in a few weeks (and will formally air on Hulu at some point) and I can't wait for everyone to see how it turned out.

Secondly, this morning we explored a new hike (Glen Park Echos) which was incredibly beautiful and unexpected. We used to hike regularly living out in Seattle so it was lovely being able to recreate a weekend morning that we were used to for the last 6 years prior to moving back to Ohio.

We had a lot of good bites n booze this weekend too (no surprise): Friday night bites at the new Mandrake rooftop, cocktails at Mouton and Lawbird, to-go breakfast at Emmett's, Warrio's sub (which was delivered to Seventh Son mid-shoot), Chapman's date night on the patio, Glorieux WaFulz pop up at AOH this morning. Pretty spoiled food and drinks weekend looking back. Some of our best friends from Seattle are in town starting tonight and think we will head to Short North. Excellent weekend.

Happiest of Sundays.



Seventh Son Brewing


Glen Echo Ravine

Glorieux WaFulz


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