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  • Jenny

Hey hi hello!

Feels surreal to be typing this. I feel like I've had a lot of different and random hobbies in life. I haven't had a lot of hobbies that I can share with masses of people. Food is one of those beautiful things that brings people and cultures together. @cbusbitesnbooze started as a fun outlet to post photos of food in a place other than Yelp. While I'm still an avid Yelper and user of the app, the instagram page has allowed me to reach a broader "audience." I hate using the word audience because, to me, it's been so much more.

It's been finding friends (even best friends) and community in a new-again-to-me city. Columbus has changed so much since I left in 2015. It's grown in ways that I couldn't have even imagined. High Street is unrecognizable. Chickfila and city Target on campus?! Get out!

I've loved rediscovering and revisiting spots that I went to in undergrad... but then uncovering completely new places that I had never heard of before (mostly due to being completely poor in college). And then there's all this emerging excitement with new restaurants and businesses popping up all the time in this quickly-growing city. I love being in this scene.

Short first post but just wanted to express my gratitude for Columbus and the people and places and businesses in it. It's been a fun 298 days so far (yes - it's exact and yes - my top search on google is "how many days since aug 14 2021" and yes - I like numbers and data). Not even a year back in this city and I feel like I've seen so much, yet I know there is so much more to explore. And more content to be created and shared. Cheers to the experiences ahead.

Here are some photos from SUCH a fun event last night at the Mandrake rooftop soft open.


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