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Adelaide's Gin Joint: Old North's newest addition that will transport you to the 1920s

2213 N High Apt B. This was my address junior and senior years of undergrad at OSU. When I heard Adelaide's was going into 2333 N High, I could picture exactly where it was: a couple blocks north, in one of those big houses by the (now previous) Taj Mahal Indian restaurant. The ones with the large porches and front patios, and plenty of opportunity for outdoor seating.

Upon walking up and in, Zach and I were greeted by co-owner Laura Justice who gave us a tour of each of the rooms. Each room shined of a different personality - but they connected through live jazz music that permeated the entire first floor, along with a modern and upscale ambiance that felt luxurious, yet preserved the historic charm of the 103 year old house.

Laura Justice and Rodrick Pauley, co-owners and life partners, wanted to keep music at the forefront of the restaurant's experience. You'll notice as soon as you walk in, the live band playing at the front, decorating the end of their beautiful bar. There is a long bar, a few lounge areas and a formal dining room. We sat at the formal dining area after our tour and enjoyed cocktails and food. The plates are meant for sharing family-style, my favorite style.

We ordered deviled eggs, the waldorf salad and meatballs to start. The deviled eggs are pickled, aesthetic, highly flavorful and topped with salmon roe - a unique take. The waldorf salad does not have a single leafy green but instead has a crunchy base of celery, radish, apples and watermelon. It's a textural symphony that is packed with flavors. The meatballs are placed atop a sauce that is mostly tomato and ricotta. The ricotta gives the meatballs a creaminess that I've never tasted before and I can't wait to experience again.

For larger plates, we tried the mussels and the pasta by hand. The mussels come with a broth that has coconut - and gave the dish a thai flair. There is a slight kick with the chillies as well. I loved these flavors. The star of the show though, was the pasta by hand. It was a housemade papardelle with rabbit confit, carrot, fennel and a white bean purée, that also had a spiciness to it. Perfect spice level for me - though a person who isn't into spice may find it too spicy.

Good Night Irene is a deliciously balanced gin cocktail with gin, bacardi ocho, pink peppercorn, campari, pineapple and lime. This is a drink that immediately flies you to a tropical vacation but isn't particularly sweet. Really well done. Zach ordered the Smoke & Mirrors, a smoked old fashioned drink (typical...) and really enjoyed.

We can't omit the dessert which was the most artistic and whimsical panna cotta I've experienced. It looked like the dessert course of a michelin tasting menu. Again - a symphony of textures of flavors, yet allowed for a refreshing end to dinner.

Absolutely enjoyed our experience here and cannot wait to return. Great spot for a date night (formal dining), first date (bar or lounge area), or group dinner (long table in the back that seats 8). Adelaide's Gin Joint opens to the public Friday, October 13.

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